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Cinco de Mayo Wasp Solitaire

Sting your way to a fantastic Cinco de Mayo! A slightly easier version of scorpion solitaire, Cinco de Mayo Wasp Solitaire is sure to electrify all your solitaire senses!

Create stacks of like-suited cards in descending order by moving cards around the board. Any card stack may be moved around at any time, regardless what is in the stack. Create a complete stack by assembling cards of the same suit, king through ace, in order. Once a full stack is complete, watch as it is removed from the board. Do this with all the cards, and you win! This solitaire card game is a bit easier than scorpion solitaire because you can place any card in the deck on an open space, if it becomes available.

Try something new this Cinco de Mayo, or just return to an old favorite! You'll be surely pleased by all Cinco de Mayo has to offer!